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EASYLABEL GOLD 7 Barcode Labeling and Product Identification Software. Custom text formatting, unlimitted fields on a format, ADO and OLE DB support, importing options and EAN/UCC 128 Wizard. USB License Key included.



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For a total labeling solution, EASYLABEL is available in six separate versions, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Multi-User, Terminal Server and Start (FREE). Choose the best one to fit your labeling application from the | Version Comparison Chart|

barcode labels for packing and nutrition facts barcode labels for food and hazadous materials barcode labels for containers and pharmaceutical
Designed with the user in mind, EASYLABEL 5 was derived from a comprehensive list of requests and suggestions from our customers. The idea was to take the stability, reliability and functionality of the current EASYLABEL products and implement a new, sleek and intuitive design to give EASYLABEL 5 a more Windows-like appearance. Basically, if you are familiar with today’s office applications, then you will feel very comfortable with EASYLABEL 5. Not only has the graphical user interface (GUI) changed, we’ve added many new and exciting features such as a Format Browser that makes finding specific fields much easier and a EAN/UCC-128 Wizard. There was also a significant enhancement made to the database functionality. EASYLABEL 5 has an internal database editor that gives you the freedom to view and edit most any database from inside EASYLABEL 5!

EASYLABEL 5 IS BETTER Simply stated, EASYLABEL 5 is easier. Unlike the “bargain” packages, EASYLABEL 5 includes every conceivable method of making label design easy, fast and accurate. You don’t have to be computer literate to fulfill complex labeling requirements. The goal of EASYLABEL 5 is to make you productive, successful, and more effective. Basically, it does all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. With the shortest learning curve in the industry, you’ll be making labels faster with EASYLABEL 5 than with any other labeling software package available.

EASYTUTOR EasyTutor is a multimedia training companion to EASYLABEL 5. Its purpose is to help you gain a solid working knowledge of the features and functions of EASYLABEL 5 through movies and tutorials.

EasyLabel User Interface
EasyLabel Windows User Interface


• Print Queue - Unlike other programs that use the Windows’ Print Manager, EASYLABEL 5 features a unique Print Queue that gives you the ability to manage your label printing jobs like no other program! In a production situation, you can stage more than 200 print jobs and modify their priority for complete flexibility. Set up an entire day’s production at the start of a shift! The Print Queue provides an accurate picture of your print job status by showing the number of labels yet to be printed. You can also save all non-printing jobs in the Print Queue for future use, even if you exit EASYLABEL 5. Only EASYLABEL 5 gives you these powerful features!

• Arithmetic - Using field names, literal values and mathematical operators, you can create complex equations quickly and easily.

• Sell by Dates - Easily create sell by dates and date/time stamps for food and drug labeling.

• Serial/Consecutive Numbering - For production or shipping control as well as serialized plates and ID tags. EASYLABEL 5 supports incrementing and decrementing in numeric, alphabetic, alphanumeric, hexadecimal and octal. You can also create your own custom increment sequences for your proprietary numbering system.

• Thumbnail Preview - Allows you to view label formats, TrueType fonts and graphics giving you the ability to quickly and easily create and edit labels.

• Languages - EASYLABEL 5 is available in English, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.


• EASYLABEL 5 supports Microsoft’s ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO). The ADO database client provides you with the fastest, easiest and most productive means for accessing all kinds of data sources including relational and non-relational databases.

• Using the ADO database client in EASYLABEL 5, you can connect to external databases such as Oracle®, Informix™, Paradox®, Btrieve®, Microsoft Access®, AS/400®, or any other database for which a driver or provider exists. ADO even allows you to access your non-relational databases.

• Databaseview is a new database editor that has been incorporated into EASYLABEL 5. This new editor natively supports the Microsoft Access® structure allowing you to edit and create Access databases from within EASYLABEL 5. With the appropriate drivers you can view and edit almost any database structure including dBASE®, Paradox®, and Microsoft FoxPro®, as well as many popular spreadsheet and text formats.

• dBASE® II, III, III+, IV and ASCII text files from another computer system can be read directly as a Source of Data for label printing. When using our internal database, you have the ability to retrieve any record in less than two seconds!

• EASYLABEL 5 now provides you with the tools to design the most complicated chemical labels with certainty. If your task includes placing localized Risk and Safety phrases on your labels, EASYLABEL 5’s Database Cross Reference function will help you accomplish this. Using Database Cross Reference you are able to not only pull in data from one database but from a second, third or more. Database Cross Reference acts as a pointer that directs EASYLABEL to the database where the data is stored.


• EASYLABEL 5 was developed to enhance and speed up your label design tasks. Our “ruler” on the design screen speeds up format layout. Functions like on-screen stretching, resizing of fields, extended crosshairs, snap to grid, multiple zoom levels and support for TrueType fonts (including the ability to adjust height and width of TrueType fonts independently) allow you to design, test print, proof and print labels faster and better than ever.

• EASYLABEL 5’s new Graphical User Interface (GUI) employs a new, sleek and intuitive design that anyone familiar with today’s office applications will feel right at home using.

• The appearance of EASYLABEL 5 can be changed to suit the requirements of individual users by customizing which colors are used in the program, and which toolbars are displayed. Program icons can be large or small and you have the option to display dialog boxes either tabbed or as a single style sheet.

• EASYLABEL 5’s new Format Browser allows you to keep track of the fields that exist on a format. The fields can be located through an expandable “tree” structure where they are grouped by Field Type, Data Source, Conditional fields, Increment/Decrement fields, Hidden/Phantom fields, and TrueType/Device fonts.

• EASYLABEL 5 supports UNC (Universal Naming Convention) taking the guesswork out of printing to a network printer. This allows you to print to any printer that is shared on a network, either within the local network or from anywhere in the world.

• Use IP Printing (Internet Protocol) to print to a printer anywhere in the world, that is connected to a Print/Device server or Ethernet card, by using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or its IP address.

• Connect to multiple printers by using a multi-port serial interface card such as DigiCard or RocketPort. By using such devices, EASYLABEL 5 can support over 128 COM Ports from one PC!

• Support for two-dimensional bar codes such as Aztec, Codablock, PDF417, Micro PDF417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix, QR Code, and RSS-14/Composite.

barcode labels for beverages

EASYLABEL 5 natively supports over 200 thermal/thermal transfer printers including: Avery Dennison, C.Itoh, cab, Citizen, Datamax, Intermec, Novexx, Printronix, RJS, Sato, Synergystex, TEC, Tharo, TSC, Zebra.

You can also print to any dot matrix, inkjet, laser or thermal/thermal transfer printer that uses a Windows Driver.

EASYLABEL FEATURES - Mouse over feature for details GOLD
Advanced Programming and Automation
Command File Monitoring/Processing  
ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO) X
OLE DB Based database editor X
ActiveX® Controls  
XML Monitor  
XML Generator  
Job List File  
Print a Format to a File X
Format Editing
Support of 40 types of Graphics such as PCX, PCC, EPS, WMF, BMP, and TIF X
Import Data from External Data Sources X
Time and Date as Field Data X
Edit Order of User-input Prompts X
Custom Text Formatting X
Read Paragraph Data from a Database X
Embed a Graphic in a Database Record X
Read Bar Code/Text Data from a Database X
Consecutive Numbering Text & Bar Codes X
Data Validation on User Input X
EAN/UCC 128 Wizard X
Support for 2D and Composite Barcodes X
Selectable Check Digits X
Maximum Number of Fields on a Format Unlimited
Support for Paragraph Fields X
Ability to Link Fields X
Add-on characters for Bar Codes X
Special Formatting of Fields X
Slanted, Arced for Text Fields X
Field Fill Function X
Allow Blanks for Operator Input Fields X
Tracking Report
Track Data Field by Field for a Format  
Internal Database X
Embed Serial Number in Database Record X
Cross Reference function to link fields from multiple databases together  
Print Queue X
Stage Multiple Print Jobs in Print Queue X
Conditional Printing of Database Records X
Print Items with Common Values X
Save Print Queue Upon Exit EASYLABEL X
List All Format Specs to Laser/Dot Matrix Printer X
Mirror Image Printing X
Enable/Disable Printing of Specific Fields X
Pass Through Function X
Support for Windows Print Drivers X
Print to Multiple Printers from one PC X
Print Color Text and Graphics on Color Printers X
Support for Western Telematic Switch Boxes  
RFID Wizard  
Print Only Version  
Network Support/Licensing  
Password Security X
Serial Files X
Arithmetic Functions X
Time and Date Functions Basic Plus
Tools for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance  

System Requirements

  • EASYLABEL 6.00 and higher runs under all Windows operating systems of XP SP2 and later. All 64 bit systems are supported where applicable.
  • 32 MB RAM or more
  • 25-50 MB of free disk space (depending on which components are installed)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher).

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Made inUnited States
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)8523492010

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EASYLABEL 7 Migration Service of Digital License, file delivered electronically.



EASYLABEL SILVER 7 Barcode Labeling and Product Identification Software. Custom text formatting, 25 fields on a format. USB License Key included.




EASYLABEL PLATINUM 7 Barcode Labeling and Product Identification Software. Custom text formatting, ADO and OLE DB support, importing options, EAN/UCC 128 and RFID Wizard, command file processing, XML generator and ActiveX controls. USB License Key included.




EASYLABEL MULTI-USER 7 Barcode Labeling and Product Identification Software (Platinum Functionality). Custom text formatting, ADO and OLE DB support, importing options, EAN/UCC 128 and RFID Wizard, command file processing, ActiveX controls and network support. USB or Parallel Port License Key included.



THARO  H627+

THARO H-627+ Series Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printer. 203 dpi (8 dot/mm) resolution. Equipped with Thermal Transfer/Direct Thermal print mode with a 50.8 mm (2") ~ 168 mm (6.61") inch print width, and a 13 mm (0.51") ~ 2997.2 mm (118") inch print legth. 50.8 mm (2") ~ 152.4 mm (6")/sec print speed. Ethernet TCP/IP port included. ** replaces H626E **


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